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Together we learn how to harness the power of brand for social and environmental change.

It started with a book...

Back in 2014, Dutch brand developer Anne Miltenburg went on a mission to democratize high-quality branding knowledge for changemakers. Her book, 'Brand the Change', became the go-to resource for changemakers and brand professionals around the world. It started conversations and brought like-spirited people together. 

People who each had something to learn and something to teach about how we can use 'brand' to get ideas, products and services for change adopted at the speed and scale we need.  

To harness the brainpower of all these inspiring people, we started a Facebook group and online community events in 2016. Readers started local meetups in 2017, helping changemakers find solutions to some of the brand, marketing and communications challenges they face. In 2018, we brought the community together here on Mighty Networks. 

Why you should join us

Today, the Brand The Change community is an intimate group of entrepreneurs, activists, communication professionals, marketers, facilitators, creatives and strategists, who come together to find answers and share solutions.

You will find no other place in the world where a development professional from Haiti, a creative from Brazil, an entrepreneur from Norway and a brand strategist from Jordan discuss a rebrand for a struggling tech-for-good startup.

A few things that make Brand the Change different:

  • We're all different, but we share a kindred spirit. Our community represents 42 nationalities (and counting). We range from the Mature to the Green, with a slight bump of thirty-somethings. We are atheists, Christians, Muslims and Hindus, vegans and carnivores, Latinas and Scandinavians, capitalists and socialists. We aim to be a place where you can bring your full self, where you can find support, but also positive challenges and new perspectives. 

  • It's real support. Community members prove time and time again that they are here for each other, all the way. No token talk of support, but real sharing and caring. We've seen some beautiful collaborations and friendships blossom here over the years. As with most things, it's a case of 'You get what you give'.

The perks of being a member

Join our open community or one of our dedicated groups on a range of topics and areas of expertise. 

  • Join our monthly online Think Tank, Fireside Chats or Brand Jams
  • Share a question, request feedback on a project, find collaborators
  • Find lots more resources and tools to build your brand
  • Build your global network of like-minded professionals 
  • Direct exchanges with Anne Miltenburg and The Brandling's team
  • Help another community member with your knowledge and experiences!

We all have something to learn, and something to teach. We need people like you. Sign up today.

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