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About us

All over the world, people are creating solutions for social and environmental change. In order to grow their impact, they need to sell themselves well. In short: they need a stronger brand. Getting there on their own is daunting: they don't just need knowledge and skills on branding, but also someone to coach them along the way. Changemakers need allies: local brand experts, creatives and educators who help them make the brand of their dreams a reality. 

In 2014, Dutch brand developer Anne Miltenburg went on a mission to democratise high quality branding knowledge for changemakers across the world. Her book, 'Brand the Change', became the go-to resource for changemakers and brand professionals around the world.

Today, the Brand The Change community exists to bring people together from all corners of the globe, to share information and resources, and to forge collaborations, to advance ideas, products and services for change...

Why you should join us

Ideas for change are equally distributed across the world, but knowledge of building strong brands is not. Let's break that imbalance together. 

You will find no other place in the world, where a development professional from Haiti, a creative from Brazil, a social entrepreneur from Norway and a brand strategist from Jordan discuss the merits and drawbacks of a rebrand for a struggling tech-for-good startup.

A few things you’ll that make Brand the Change different:

  • It’s inclusive. Our community represents 36 nationalities (and counting) across the globe. We range from the Mature to the Green, with a slight bump of thirty-somethings. We are atheists, Christians, Muslims and Hindus, vegans and carnivores, Latinas and Scandinavians. We demand of ourselves and others that we create an environment where everyone can bring their full selves. 

  • It's real support. Community members prove time and time again that they are here for each other, all the way. No token talk of support, but real sharing and caring. We've seen some beautiful collaborations and friendships blossom here over the years. As with most things, it's a case of 'You get what you give'.  

  • We want to build the best source of information and inspiration on building brands for change. This is not a place to share a quick link and go, or to engage in some occasional screen activism. We're here to have real conversations and share information and resources that we've used, have read, or have tested. We want to build a database of things that really work.

The perks of being a member

  • Find lots more resources and tools to build your brand
  • Build a global network of like minded professionals 
  • Direct exchanges with Anne, her team, and other inspiring peers from across the world
  • Exchange asks, experiences, challenges, learnings on building brands for change on a range of topics
  • Join online and offline events
  • Contribute your knowledge to the cause and become a collaborator! 

Support our mission

By contributing your knowledge, talent and network, you are contributing to our mission to open up world-class knowledge for changemakers to build strong brands.

The community is also home to several of our paid programmes. 

It hosts the Brand Professionals group, powered by a paid annual subscription, which offers brand professionals a Trainer's Kit and a license to use it in their own independent practice, as well as support on how to use the tools and grow their services. 

It also contains the Brand Thinking Canvas Facilitation course, and our Brand The Change Academy classes. 

Proceeds from these programmes contribute to the support of the overall community, cover basic costs such as software, translation and legal services, allow us to improve existing resources and build new ones, and provide a research fellowships for aspiring brand strategists in low income countries.  

Thank you for your being part of the journey!

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