Welcome to Brand The Change

Learn how to harness the power of brand for social and environmental change.

It started with a book...

Back in 2014, Dutch brand developer Anne Miltenburg went on a mission to discover how we could leverage the power of brand for social and environmental change. Her book, 'Brand the Change', became the go-to resource for changemakers and brand professionals around the world. 

The book brought like-spirited people together, who each had something to learn, and something to teach. Our community-based educational model was born. 

Why we need community

In a perfect world, solutions for the climate crisis and social justice would be embraced purely on their merit. But this isn’t a perfect world. We have to be smart about how we help people embrace change. ‘Brand’ is a proven, powerful mechanism to build close, long-term relationships with people.

It is also notoriously complex and overwhelming. But we believe brand thinking can be taught. And we know that no matter how accomplished we are as individuals, it takes a village to build a brand. 

We surround brand builders with the skills training, tools, and network they need to successfully engage people with change.

Why you should join us

The Brand The Change community is an intimate group of change-makers and brand professionals who come together to build brands that engage people with change effectively. 

You will find no other place in the world where a development professional from Haiti, a creative from Brazil, an entrepreneur from Norway, and a brand strategist from Jordan discuss a rebrand for a struggling tech-for-good startup.

A few things that make us unique: 

  • We focus on the skill set needed to be a great Brand Builder for ChangeWe focus our learning content and experiences on unlocking knowledge on brand building, changemaking, and personal leadership - a unique combination of skills. 

  • We offer real support. This is not just a library of links or a forum where questions are posted into the void. We've been building community since 2015, and we do what it takes to be your go-to place for support, feedback and fresh ideas.

  • We are diverse by design. We look for complementary expertise and different perspectives. We range from students to veteran professionals, with a bump of thirty-somethings. We are atheists, Christians, Muslims and Hindus, vegans and carnivores, Latinas and Scandinavians, capitalists and socialists. We want to be a place where everyone can bring their full self, and also be part of healthy and constructive debate. What we have in common is a deep desire to create meaningful change. The change members pursue ranges across the entire spectrum of the Global Goals.

The perks of being a member 

  • Access to all of our courses, tools, and case studies, and a voice in what we develop next
  • Join any of our small-scale, bi-weekly live learning events led by Anne.
  • Get a pair of fresh eyes on a tricky brand challenge. Post your question on the platform any time, or during live events.
  • Debate current events and catch upcoming trends
  • Build your global network and find collaborators
  • Get the inspiration, support, and accountability you need to make 'brand' a priority in your busy work life

Who you will meet 

As a member, you will join an intimate community of brand builders hailing from Kenya to Canada. We share a deep desire to make a difference in the world through our work. 

You don't have to fit any mold, but most of us fall into one of these groups:

  • Founders looking for smart DIY ways to build their brand
  • Solopreneurs who want to build a personal brand that's aligned with their values
  • Creatives, marketers, or comms professionals who seek a career of purpose, and who want to skill up to brand strategy level to get there
  • Veteran brand strategists looking for exciting new perspectives on brand and the impact space.

Want to know more about who you'll join? Read some of our member stories.

The power of this community is the recognition we all have something to learn and something to teach. 

Your unique talents and perspective will add so much more to the group. We can't wait to learn with you.